Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Safe space
To provide a caring, safe, secure inclusive environment, that nurtures individuals/businesses allowing for maximum overall development.
To ensure that all individuals and/or businesses are placed with experienced mentors and/or coaches who are suited for
relevant needs.
Self Help and Empowerment
To provide guidance and moral support that assists the development of essential social skills, which in turn, enable the recognition of one’s own strengths. To evoke the confidence to overcome difficulties, allowing for knowledge of power and giving encouragement to make positive life choices.
Networking & Community
To sustain valuable partnerships developed between educational establishments, organisations, institutions, businesses and the
wider community. To unite and promote black owned institutions, educational establishments and organisations. Thus creating
an outlet, enabling networking and promotion of black entrepreneurs and business ownership in the capital and worldwide.
To manage individuals/businesses and provide entrepreneurial/employment opportunities along with a forum to collectively
address barriers to equality in the Uk’s workforce and economy
United We Rise Uk

Kim Thompson

My name is Kim, I am the proud founder of ‘United We Rise Uk’ offering mentoring, counselling, How to deal with Trauma, Personal Development, Group sessions, One to One sessions, guidance, tutoring 
I am a mother to a beautiful young King & Queen and am the eldest of four siblings.
Being a survivor of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, physical, emotional and mental abuse, I take pride in using over 30yrs experience as a qualified Child/Youth/Adult & Community Mentor and Coach using life skills, expertise and lived experiences to support, guide and empower others

Needs Assessed

Matched to relevant service/mentor- Mentor/Service supplied, monitored and reviewed